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From the bestselling author of 5 Books comes Anamika, a new illustrated collection of intense, unusual, and passionate poems. A breathtakingly beautiful, deep and touching collection of poetry and ..

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"Summer Solstice and other poems" is a collection of English poems that span romance, fantasy, inspiration, drama, tragedy, and family. They are a personal reflection of the author's experiences which..

₹ 100

'Embrace' is a true reflection of its title. The collection of poems address a variety of issues which are relevant to us internally in today's times. The main themes revolves around love with all its..

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In this collection the author takes readers through a peaceful, no frills reading ride. 'Band Bajao' is a take on radio jockeys playing pranks on innocent listeners. 'Man from Shaka" traces developmen..

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Our lives are but a memorandum of the greatest moments that define us. While some get colored in shades of triumph and happiness, others find meaning in despair and woe. It is in them, and through ..

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